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The Dalton Boys Are Geeks 'verse
Or Spah 'verse.
Or Double Oh 'verse.
Depending on how formal you feel.

(Set after Never Been Kissed)

How To Make Friends and Influence People (Without Using Katy Perry Lyrics)

It Isn’t Kidnapping if They Say Yes (And it Involves a Duck

There Ain’t No Party Like an LAN Party

It Reminds Me of Viktor and Rolf

Red Spah in The Blu Base

This is Madness

It’s not Over Protective (It’s Just The Right Amount)

There is Nothing Wrong With The Fifties

Fair Trade (Still No Ducks, Unfortunately)

Of Seven (Seven Eight Part Serial)
(Day Zero) of Seven
(Day One) of Seven
(Day Two) of Seven
(Day Three) of Seven
(Day Four) of Seven
(Day Five) of Seven
(Day Six) of Seven
(Day Seven) of Seven (Part A)
(Day Seven) of Seven (Part B)

Battle Royale (no cheese) (3 part serial)
Battle Royale (no cheese) (1/?)
Battle Royale (no cheese) (2/?)
Battle Royale (no cheese) (3/3)

At this point in the timeline, the episode 'Furt' happens. These stories follow Kurt as a member of Dalton Boys' Academy:

I Do Look Fabulous in a Blazer

Take An Issue Tissue

Can We Stop Talking About Him Yet?

When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Ninja!

The Problem Is That There's A Problem

I Prefer 'Leader of Cheer'

His Hair is Dreamy

This is Totally A Bottle Episode


(set between I Prefer 'Leader of Cheer' and His Hair is Dreamy)
Luck of the Irish

The following stories are set at random times during the story. I don't know when. If you
figure it out, feeling free to tell me.

Unknown Timeline:
Drabble Post for Tumblr

Eric's Amazingness is transdimensional (CROSSOVER)

Drabble Post for People who Read Cut text

The Difference Between Me and You is That I Make This Look Good(CANON CROSSOVER)

The History of the World, by David M. Hardison and Wesley J. Heely, age 17 1/2

The following stories are set during freshman or sophomore year, before Kurt has even heard of Dalton. Hence, they feature Blaine, Wes, David, and the rest of the Warblers, but no McKinley folks.

Prequels (Without Kurt ):

Now With Charming Smile Motion!

It's A Bonding Experience (3 part serial)

It's A Bonding Experience (1/3)
It's A Bonding Experience (2/3)
It's A Bonding Experience (3/3)

Things Made By People Other Than Me:

(n.b. I love everybody who did these things. So much. SO SO MUCH)

Kidnapped (Art for It’s Not Kidnapping if They Say Yes) by yo_mawari

Struck From Above (Doodle on the right from It's Not Over Protective, It's Just The Right Amount) by finncat

The First Floor of Dalton Academy, as seen by Eric by blaqkheaven

Only Dancing by penelopemuse
summary: Pratik is having a crisis of sexuality, which is all right, because Harry is having a crisis of being in love with his best friend.
Art for Only Dancing by yo_mawari

I just want to say that that up there ^^ Is totally awesome. Read, love, comment.

Thank you so much, you guys. This fandom has been so amazing and supportive and filled with love and people have actually written to me about writing fanfic for my fanfic, which is OMG amazing, and people have said I inspired them to write, or they had dreams about this verse, and it's AMAZING.
I have no idea when this will finish, but hope it's not for a long, long time.
(Or until I reach the end of this school year, at least!)

ALSO! I have a tumblr: infraredphaeton.tumblr.com which is filled with little drabbles and random character facts, drop by and talk, I'm always happy to hear from you :)


I've been meaning to leave a comment on here for a while, because I absolutely love, love, love, your Spah! verse. It's just genius. Truly. And I am so glad you wrote it and shared it with the world.

I loved your Wes and David...and all of the OCs, seriously, I don't think I have a favorite.

Anyway, just thought I'd stop by to mention how much I love what you've done with the characters.
Aw, thank you so much!
I'm glad you're enjoying it. :)

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